I am a professional architectural and engineering practitioner, and in my profession I take deep pride. I pledge to practice with integrity and fair dealing, tolerance and respect. I shall uphold the standards and dignity of my profession, conscious to the fact that my skill carries with it the obligation to serve humanity with great responsibility, by making the most sustainable use of our precious natural resources. I shall only participate in honest enterprises. When needed, I shall avail my skill and knowledge without reservation. In fulfilling my duty, and in fidelity to my profession, I shall always give my utmost.



At your service is Johan Naudé, registered with the South-African Council for the Architectural Profession ( SACAP ) in the category Pr.S.Arch.T and with the Engineering Council of South Africa ( ECSA ) as a Pr. Techni.Eng. (Civil / Structural).

Johan is a Senior Member (10years+) of the South-African Institute of Architectural Technologists (SAIAT) and Member of the South-African Institute for Civil Engineering (SAICE).

He matriculated in Vereeniging in 1976, and completed his engineering qualification in 1980. He then started his studies in the field of architecture with ICS London.

In 1987 he was appointed as manager of a multi-disciplinary drawing office in the Bloemfontein Municipality, where he gained valuable experience in the disciplines of town planning, architecture, civil engineering and land surveying.

In 2009 he left public service to start this multi-disciplinary practice, where he is still the principal consultant.

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The standard services for which the architectural professional is responsible are set out below: The architectural professional can be appointed for a partial or a full service.

Partial and additional services may be agreed upon, the options most regularly utilised are: appointed as architectural professional and principal consultant (not as principal agent)…

Elaboration of architectural professional’s services including inter alia: the preparation of broad project parameters, project scope statements, project milestones, budget and cash flow, etc.

Professional architectural fees guidelines are published annually in the Government Gazette. As the name implies it gives guidelines on different types of services and recommended fee.

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