In its simplest form, a building contract is an agreement about what each party will do for the other, and what each can expect the other to do in exchange.

Unless the parties have made their own terms, the common-law terms will govern the contract, in other words, generally asking what would be reasonable or common practice in the same or similar circumstances.

Even though it is well known within the building industry that costing per square meter is the fastest way to go broke, sales people do it, and builders follow to get the job. Consumers should be extremely cautious for contractors using dubious calculation practices or quotations compiled using a price per square meter, as there are no fixed square meter rate for any kind of building. 

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Do you require plans for an old building that needs structural changes or renovation?

Do you want to buy a property, but are unsure of its condition, or suspect that there might be latent defects hidden somewehere?

Are you buying a new property and need a defects report for retention purposes?

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